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With such advanced gaming technologies being introduced, the gaming industry truly has seen a revolution. The latest gaming consoles offer more than just simple gaming. They are designed in a way to provide the users with a complete entertainment system. These consoles can integrate with the user’s existing cable and have an amazing Blu-ray built-in player. The latest Xbox one is packed with the latest features and offers premium processing power. It is one of the most advanced gaming consoles available in the market today. The range of games available for the Xbox one is endless. Apart from that, you can also watch movies and TV shows on your Xbox. Customers can now buy Xbox one online through Jumia. The website offers a number of variants and accessories as well. This way, buyers can easily access all their gaming needs online. The website also offers the best Xbox one price in Nigeria so that more people can buy online. Along with the promise of guaranteed quality and assurance.

Play your favorite games

The latest Xbox supports hundreds of games that you can play. It lets you play online as well as offline. The product comes in bundles with a few games to help you start but you can easily buy new games online as well. Buying Xbox one online can help you save time and money that you can otherwise enjoy. Popular games like Assassin’s Creed, Halo etc. The games include genres like fighting, sports, action, racing, adventure, TPS and many more. In addition to the famous publishers, Xbox offers independently published indie games as well which are very interesting and unique. With the backward compatibility feature added, gamers can now access some Xbox 360 titles on their new console as well.

Xbox Live

Gaming, now, is all about the experience that you get. An important part of the Xbox One experience is its live feature. Connecting your console to the internet allows you to be a part of a bigger and better network. It allows you to buy game downloads, share your gameplay, use social media applications, compare your game scores with that of friends, and most importantly it lets you play multiplayer games with other people that are live with their console. For this purpose, you will have to buy a subscription to the Xbox live gold. This gives you the option to play online with other people and also gives access to a lot of free game downloads. If you don’t want the subscription then you can still use the free service and use all other benefits just not the multiplayer games.

Storage Options

The Xbox one installs all games on the hard drive even if it is a retail disc. With immensely details graphics, the games can be pretty massive. This can fill up the 500GB hard drive pretty quickly. Thankfully, there is an option for external storage. This way you can add extra storage and store more games to play. You can manage your internal memory by deleting some of the old games to make room for new ones. So that you don’t require external storage. It is also available in a 1TB storage option. But the Xbox one price for this one goes slightly up due to increased storage space.