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Buy Xbox 360 games online in Nigeria at amazing prices

After months of planning and effort, you have finally bought your prized Xbox 360. You are happy beyond words and overjoyed with your new purchase. Now in order to use it, you need the best Xbox games that you can find and have a good time. Xbox 360 games are a world on their own. There are a number of companies who deliver different styles and different situations in games for a wide number of people to enjoy. These video games transfer the gamers to another world. When it comes to buying Xbox 360 games in Nigeria, Jumia is considered to be the perfect option. A wide variety of all these are available and you can choose the ones that you like in a very easy manner. Along with this, you can buy Xbox 360 games in Nigeria at absolutely unbeatable prices with us.

All the games you would love to play

From first-person shooters to role-playing games, there are types for a number of people out there. You just need to find the one that you would enjoy playing. On each and every video game made be of Xbox 360 games or PlayStation 3 games, there is a specific rating provided to tell about the graphic content, the level of violence, suggestive themes, language and blood usage in the game. The following are the ratings given:

Early Childhood (EC):

These are absolute educational games that teach about a number of things. Children older than the age of 3 play these.

Everyone ( E): these games are appropriate for children above the age of 6 and anyone older can play them. These contain a mild level of violence and is suitable or children.

Teen (T): these are considered for children who are above 13 or PG-13. These contain a higher level of violence, themes etc. as compared to E rated games.

Mature (R): these are for adults only and people above the age of 18 should play them. The games contain a high level of all themes and only mature minds are able to handle these. In terms of the types of games, there are first-person shooters where you are the person playing the game. In these games, you cannot see the person, but it gives you the feeling that you are holding the gun or any other item. This category is very preferred for Xbox games and PlayStation games. There are sports games in which you have to play in a team or against a team where you can change multiple players at one time.

Jumia is your online gaming heaven

There is something for everyone right here. Scroll through our unlimited range and find the one that suits you the best. Buying items here is very easy! Simply search the one that you want to buy and add to your cart. After checking it out, wait till it is delivered to your doorstep. Then, just pay cash on delivery. Shop now to find some amazing products. Have the best experience with Jumia Nigeria!