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Where to buy Selfie Sticks Online?

Take that perfect selfie with selfie sticks from Jumia Nigeria. In capturing special moments, some details or people may be left out due to the camera angle. To help eliminate all these and help you perfectly capture those memorable moments, the selfie stick has been innovated for the benefit of pictures and selfie lovers. The stick does not require any form of software installation on your phone to function. It only requires Bluetooth connection with your hand-held device and it comes with a universal phone holder which is compatible with all android phones and iPhones. You can choose selfie sticks from top brands like Monopod, Feiyu, Generic, A5 and more at the best price available in Nigeria. They also come in various sizes and colours and a lot of them are designed to suit individual tastes and styles. When next you are on the look out for where to get original selfie sticks, be sure to check Jumia for nothing but the best.

How to Use a Selfie Stick

1. Pair the devices to enable Bluetooth function or insert the cord from the stick into your device’s audio jack. Alternatively, you could set a timer if Bluetooth function is not available.
2. You can also use camera apps such as Camera 360 for better overall performance (optional).
3. Extend the selfie stick and adjust the selfie stick to your preferred angle and take as many pictures as you want.

Selfie Sticks on Jumia

Discover a large collection of selfie sticks online at Jumia. Using a selfie stick comes with some advantages. You do not have to ask a stranger to hold your phone and take a photo of you and your friends. You can also capture better, wider angles of yourself, and you can shoot more stable videos. We have selfie sticks for iPhone 5 and for other iPhones. You will be able to mount and then extend your mobile phone away from your body in order to take low or high-angled photographs of yourself or with a group of friends. There is a camera control button built into the handle, making it easier for you to actually snap photographs while your phone is out of reach. Get your selfie stick today and we will deliver promptly to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria.