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Beauty Products at Jumia

In this day and age both men and women use a lot of products be it everyday skin care, cosmetics or toiletries. We start binging on them very early and till the end, there is something that we just cannot do without. Jumia has a wide variety of skin and beauty care products online.

Why Should You Go All Natural

From things as simple as sunscreen, we are absorbing its ingredients into our skin. It is very important to buy skin care items that are natural and will least damage to our face, hair, and body. The harmful chemical is some low-end makeup brands such as lead in lipsticks, sulfate in shampoos etc. may cause not only severe skin diseases but also in some cases cancer. It is time you turn to organic makeup and other products. There are multiple herbal skin care products that you can opt for from Jumia. As far as makeup goes try to buy mineral makeup with herbal ingredients.

Daily Body Regime for a Healthy Body

The body is as important as your face. Like your feet and face your body too needs deep moisture, scrubs and proper health care. Using natural scrubs, massage oils and rehydrating cream on your body every once in a while will help keep your skin tight and intact. Remember the more products you use in your hair the more it will require of them. So keep your daily regime minimalistic. You should shampoo your hair every alternate day but if your hair is too oily then you may wash them regularly. After shampooing apply conditioner once or twice a week. Always use a heat protecting serum before styling your hair with irons and curlers. Proper hair care requires regular protein treatments. You could buy products for it or just beat an egg and apply in your hair. Last but most importantly oil your hair once a week with almond, sesame, coconut or castor oil.