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Fill your home with toiletries from Jumia at the best prices in Nigeria. Make use of hand gel sanitizers that will keep you and your family germ free, especially when you use the toilet or go to a dirty environment. When you run out of toiletries at very awkward moments and you are too busy to replace them, all you need to do is relax in the comfort of your home and order for your list of toiletries from Jumia. Enjoy a large variety of bathing soaps, both bar and liquid to revitalize your skin when you take a bath/shower. Women will appreciate the need to have sanitary towels at the touch of a button when it is that time of the month. If you are really concerned about keeping a healthy skin, you know you can count on Jumia to deliver the various healthy toiletries you need.

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Jumia offers you a wide range of toiletries to cater to the needs of your family. Our toiletries will help both your body and home to be clean always. There are soaps in different fragrances like rose and peach that will keep you and your family smelling fresh all day long. On Jumia, we help you take care of your hair with hair products like conditioners & shampoos. These products have been specially treated so you get the best therapy for your hair.It is important for everyone to maintain good hygiene by using adequate products. Get all your toiletries from trusted brands that ranges from bathing soaps, pantyliners, hand gel holder, diapers to body and hair shampoo at the best prices in Nigeria.