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Have fun with your pets like dogs & birds and teach them new tricks using any of our authentic pet toys. By engaging your pets with toys, you can have fun with them while keeping them fit. Pets can serve as good companions in homes and the benefits of having one cannot be overemphasized. In order to keep your pets happy, you will need to provide them with toys that can be play with at all times. Having a healthy and happy pet in your home is very essential to ensuring a cheerful mood. Additionally, pets like dogs need some degree of grooming at some point so it is important to get pet accessories like combs and brushes to ensure it can be done easily.

Pet Toys & Accessories

Discover a large selection of pet toys and accessories online at Jumia from top brands like Jo-Jo, Truthmiles and more. There are squeaky toys, sticks, balls and plush toys available for your pets to play with. We provide you with all you need to keep your beloved pet happy at all times. Browse through our online pet store and shop for pet toys & accessories available to you at best prices. All our pet accessories & toys are made from premium quality materials which makes them highly durable. Play throw and fetch with your dog in your backyard during your free time and build strong bond.