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Celebrate your Parties with the best accessories

No party is complete without the proper celebration accessories. Whether it is a birthday party for a child or a bridal shower for your friend, you need the perfect type and amount for it to look great. Jumia is offering the largest collection of party décor items to choose from right here. When deciding about the party decorative items, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind.

Party Décor Items

When it comes to party accessories, the first thing you need to look at is the décor. Not only do these make the setting look beautiful, you can also keep them in your memory by taking pictures.


Every party needs a banner. If you want to have banner party ideas for kids, then go for ones that have superheroes or princesses on them depending on the boy or girl. If it is a birthday, then you can go for plain ones that say Happy Birthday in different styles and fonts. Other variations can have whatever you want. Such as cakes for a birthday, dresses for a bridal shower, cars for a bachelor party and many more.


Balloons are an essential item needed for any party. People can opt to go for a simple round or oval balloons in a multitude of colours to choose from and enjoy displaying. There are many variations available now as well. Balloons in shapes of hearts, stars and rainbows are present as well. Moreover, they come in a number of sizes as well. Most of them are filled with helium if you want them to stay in the air for a long time, while others can be filled with normal air as well.

Party Hats

Party Hats add to the celebration of the whole event. From small sizes to extra-large ones, you can use them wherever you want. Hats come in the shape of cones, squares and rectangles to choose from. Some are plain coloured while others glitter. For children and their birthdays, there are hats that have cartoons and fur present on them.

Confetti, Streamers and Party Blowers

These are the additional items needed to add thrill to any party. Confetti poppers explode into a hundred papers or pieces of shiny paper that fly all around and create an amazing effect. Streamers hang from a number of places to add to the colour and look of the whole event. Party blowers are used to make different type of noises to increase the level of celebration present.

Partyware Items

For a successful party, you need the right tableware for it. Paper plates, paper cups and plastic utensils make up for the food area. The plastic and paper materials make them disposable so you need not worry about cleaning them later on. These are also an inexpensive option when you have to serve a large number of people. Moreover, use decorative napkins to add to the whole look of the party that is being celebrated.