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Household cleaning supplies for a better home

No home is complete without the proper household cleaning products. Throughout the whole day, the house is subject to a number of different things such as dirt, spillage, insects, germs and many more. For these to go away along with making things look better, you need the best cleaning supplies. Each of the items is known to perform its own purpose and you can find all these right here at Jumia Nigeria.

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

In terms of household cleaning supplies, items for the bathroom are always a must. The main reason for buying these products is to keep the bathroom free from germs and odor along with keeping it completely clean. A good clean bathroom is needed for a healthy environment. The multiple categories present in it include shower cleaners, disinfectants, toilet cleaners, mildew eliminators and grout cleaners. Many people have the option of using drain cleaning agents as well.

Carpet Cleaning Supplies

Carpet cleaning supplies are known to come in three cleaner types. These are known as deep cleaners, general cleaners, and spot cleaners. All types of these can be used on their own or with a rag or a scrubbing brush. The liquid ones can be poured into the container of a carpet shampooer and then used. The spot cleaner is used when you need to get out a specific stain. These cleaning supplies are used best for homes that have little children and pets in them.

Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

Kitchen cleaning supplies are used in every home because this room is known to get dirty very quickly. There are multiple surfaces present in a kitchen such as granite, marble, porcelain, glass, wood, and metal. Special cleaners are formulated to cater for each type of surface to make it stain free and shiny. There is a need to use special disinfectants on different surfaces that have been in contact with raw meat or any type of food condiments. Use a brush or a heavy-duty sponge to scrub these out. There are different formulations present for stainless steel tops as well.

Window Cleaning Supplies

Window cleaning supplies are the perfect solution for any type of surface that has glass present. It can take out the stains and spots in a matter of seconds to make the glass shine. Use these on windows, mirrors, glass furniture along with decoration pieces. When you buy liquids, always aim to go with the proper rags that can complement the cleaning. It is known that when you have to clean windows or glass, always using cloth pieces made of microfibre as they provide the best of cleaning services.

Wood Cleaning Supplies

Wood cleaning supplies are used to remove the stains for a number of wood types along with restoring the shine that it gives. There are special polishes available that can enhance the look and feel of any piece of furniture, wooden flooring or decoration piece. When buying these, always check to see the color and the chemicals used in them.