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Where to buy Alcoholic Wines Online?

Wines are alcoholic drinks that are made from fermented fruits without the addition of sugar, enzymes, acids or other nutrients. We have various wines online that are mixed with different ingredients to produce varieties of taste and are well blended to give your mouth a sweet taste. Additionally, they come in different alcoholic content for you to choose from. Discover wines online at the click of the button on Jumia to socialize with friends at home, office or anywhere as we have various drinks like red wine, sparkling wine, rose wine and much more from top brands for you to put in your mini bar at home and entertain buddies whenever they come visiting. Pour the chill wine in goblets and enjoy the sparkling bubbles and the rich taste of the alcoholic drink that will make your mouth and body feel lively. Looking for quality wines in Nigeria, then come to Jumia and have a great party with friends.

Alcoholic Wines at Jumia

Having a party or looking for wines to give as a gift to someone special? We have a wine shop online at Jumia where you can get various alcoholic wines that are enticingly designed in bottles and will give you a rich taste in your tongue and balancing refreshing clean flavors at best prices. Get glasses in the air when you have a get together with friends and enjoy white wine with various foods or you could also relax with a chill bottle of champagne when playing game or chatting away with buddies. Browse through our collection of delicious alcoholic wines that comes in stylish elegant bottles and clink glasses as you celebrate moments and accomplishments with family from our various alcoholic wines at Jumia. We offer the best price of wine in Nigeria.